Day Care

Roxied Pet Boutique offers pet day care where we take good care of your pets while you do your daily chores. We offer our day care rooms and services so that your dog still feels at home and gets all the attention he or she needs.

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Spa Treatment

Roxied Pet Boutique is surely for all pets, but we also want to make sure your cute puppies don’t get irritated with our grooming techniques. This is also the best grooming package for your new furry friend as you introduce him or her to pet grooming.

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Grooming Spa

Treat your pets to the ultimate total grooming service of Roxied Pet Boutique where they get a total makeover from head to paws. Consultation is included in this package for shampoo and coat preferences as well as for the whole paws, ears, teeth, and fur cut and cleaning.

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Train With US

Roxied’s Pet Boutique doesn’t just offer special care for your furry friend’s needs. We can also train you to become the best human for your dogs and other pets. We offer two special courses specially designed for the household.

Our Blog

Dog’s Health

How Hydration is Essential for Your Dog’s Health

The most natural remedy when one has an excruciating headache is to drink water. Emphasis is continually placed on the importance of water for the human body. But as you know, we never thought about our dog's health. Similar to humans, clean water for pets is an essential requirement for your pets. Water for your dogs not only aids in digestion but also ensures optimal functionality and transport of nutrients throughout their bodies. Also, water makes movement easier by lubricating and cushioning joints. Therefore, almost all body processes for your ...
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Indoor Gates for Your Dog

Best Indoor Gates for Your Dog

Dogs can become part of the family, see here if it is only natural that their masters want to give them the best things: a place to stay, food and drinks, and even indoor dog fences to ensure their safety. With the number of pet shops in every place, it can be hard to choose which items would be the best for your pet buddy.  So, to help alleviate the pressure, here are the best indoor gates for your dog: 1. Richell Convertible Elite Pet Gate The first one on ...
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Control Pests

6 Easy Tips for Pets Owners to Control Pests in Your Pets

Once you acquire a new pet, you will aim to engage in safe pest management practices to do ultrasonic pest repellers work on mice to keep your pet healthy and free from pests. You don’t want pests such as rats, fleas, and cockroaches among many others to encroach in your home. To achieve this status, you will have to follow some basic rules that will ensure your pet is safe, and always in a jovial mood. Be Careful While Selecting your pet’s door This consideration is mainly for pets such ...
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cleaning a dirty fish tank

Tips on cleaning a dirty fish tank

Fish tank management such as cleaning the dirty fish tank is sometimes necessary; however, you should try as much as possible to avoid cleaning the tank since you will lose the beneficial microbes from the pond.  Only clean the best fish tank filters if it is in an extremely bad state. With simple items like elbow grease, you can easily clean your pond. Several steps are followed in cleaning a fish tank. Clean the inside of the glass Start by scrubbing on the inside of the glass using an algae ...
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Groom Your Cat

Tips on How to Groom Your Cat

Known for being an independent animal, cats are zealous in taking care of themselves, but it doesn’t imply that you don’t need to pamper them. Regular cat grooming is an essential thing to do to make sure your pet looks good and at the same time is healthy. Read below to know why you should groom your cat regularly and how to properly do it. The Importance of Cat Grooming Grooming for cats may sound shallow. However, while you make your cat beautiful, it also does a number of amazing ...
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CBD Can Help

How CBD Can Help Treat these 5 Common Conditions Among Dogs

CBD for dogs is a hot topic that’s making rounds in the pet world nowadays. Buying and trying CBD provide a lot of health benefits for dogs and is capable of treating a number of conditions commonly found among dogs. If you’re a dog owner who’s not 100% convinced with this statement, then here are 5 of the most common conditions among dogs which can be alleviated by CBD: Cancer CBD products such as CBD oil can actually help reduce the symptoms of cancer and tumors. Aside from that, it ...
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CBD Oil to Pets

How to Introduce CBD Oil to Pets

Similar to us, pets have medical conditions such as arthritis that cause them to suffer from pain. While some pets are super active, some get dragging when they get old or when injured as mentioned in Greenthevoteok's guide and online sources. Now this brings the question: is there anything you can do to alleviate the pain? Fortunately, there is, and it comes in the form of CBD oil. However, are CBD products suitable for pets? Let’s find out. The FDA’s Take on Giving Cannabidiol to Pets There has been a ...
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Clean Your Cat Tree

How to Clean Your Cat Tree?

Your best cat tree for large cats is your cat’s own mini home. As a pet owner, you can show your love to your cat by regularly cleaning it. However, cat trees are not as easy as simply brushing or washing them. Most of them are made of special materials that would make your cat comfortable, more inclined to use them, and even use them as a scratch pole. The most common problems any cat owners face when cleaning the cat tree are the balls of hair that got stuck ...
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Heartworms in Dogs

Treatment for Heartworms in Dogs

Have you noticed any heartworm in your dogs? Are you aware of how heartworms can affect your best friend? Well, find out about heartworm medications for dogs on this page. What is a Heartworm? If you know a roundworm, you would most likely have an idea of what a heartworm is. Basically, both are worms that can hide and make your dog's life miserable. Heartworms are parasitic ones that can prevent your pet from having fun by pestering him from the insides. The good news is that this can be ...
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Awesome Holiday SMS Marketing Ideas for Pet Groomers

Christmas indeed is a time of giving. It’s one of those times in a year when people are very amicable to shopping, promotions, and discounts. What’s more is that they don’t only spend money on gifts for other people, even pets get special treatment during this time – yes, even more special than what they already get on a regular basis. That is why it’s a good time for pet groomers to encourage pet owners to visit their shops, and one of the most effective and easiest ways to reach ...
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Pet Owner

House Cleaning Tips for Every Pet Owner

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home at San Diego is no easy task. What more if you have pets inside your humble abode? Needless to say, it will be more difficult to maintain order and cleanliness while pets are sharing with you in different spaces in the house. Fortunately, the following are several house cleaning tips to keep your home clean and fresh while sharing it with your lovely pets: Use Rubber Gloves to Clean Pet Hair Anywhere If you want to get rid of pet hair on your sofa ...
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Pet Hygiene Mistakes

Pet Hygiene Mistakes Many Pet Owners Make

Having your own canine companion can be exciting and fun; however, some pet owners are not making it a big deal to take care of odor control for their furry friends litter. Providing them with their basic needs such as food and shelter is not enough; a responsible owner should also provide proper pet hygiene. Grooming and hygiene for your pets can be a tough job for most pet owners, but the basics can be learned. Most pet owners do the hygiene task on their own, and the tendency to ...
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Online Pet Store

How To Start An Online Pet Store

Internet has made life easier for many pet owners everywhere. Online pet stores on vps based WordPress hosting are a convenient, hassle-free way to ensure that your pets have everything they need; from food to accessories. Although pets can help humans in a variety of ways, it can be difficult for many people to care for them the way they need because most of them have fast-paced and busy lives. Most don’t have the time anymore to drop by a pet store to get the necessary supplies for their beloved ...
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Gentle Spa Package For Puppies: Best Treat For Your New Paw Friend For Only £40

Gentle Spa Package For Puppies: Best Treat For Your New Paw Friend For Only £40

Bringing in a new, cute, furry love in your own home? Your pup would be the best new member of the family, yet he or she would need all the care and affection he or she can get from you. Roxied’s Gentle Spa Package is the best introduction to your new puppy for his first bath and groom. With all the gentle bath concoction and the expert spa treatment from our grooming professionals, your new pup will surely like the bath and would not get stressed out anymore on his ...
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Roxied Pet Boutiques Welcomes Our New Members To The Grooming Team

Roxied Pet Boutiques Welcomes Our New Members To The Grooming Team

Today, we have added new members to our grooming team. They have just finished our grooming assistant course and they are ready to bring fun and excitement to your paw friends during your visit to our shop. They come from many different backgrounds, gardening, home decor, and business. If you are one of our patrons, you will notice new faces to our team – that’s them. They have just come out from our courses and they will be continuing their training with us until they become the best grooming professionals ...
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Flea Treatment

Flea Treatment By Roxied At £5: Best For Your Pet Before Summer Breaks In

As the season starts to warm up, our pets are starting to sweat more and create the most conducive place for fleas to breed on – their precious fur. Roxied’s Flea Treatment is a good additional service you can take advantage of so that your pets won’t feel uncomfortable during the summer season, and this should keep them healthy all year round. With regular flea treatment sessions, your pets should be free from all types of pet infections taken from fleas, making them more comfortable to move around without the ...
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