Gentle Spa Package For Puppies (Max 3 Hrs.) At £30

Roxied Pet Boutique is surely for all pets, but we also want to make sure your cute puppies don’t get irritated with our grooming techniques. This is also the best grooming package for your new furry friend as you introduce him or her to pet grooming. Puppies below 6 months old are able to take advantage of this spa package.

Honey And Oatmeal Bath Massage By Roxied (Max 1 And ½ Hours) At £30

Are your pets having dry, brittle coat and flaky skin? Give them the natural honey and oatmeal bath massage to increase the growth quality of your pet’s coat and moisturize his or her skin and undercoats. This treatment finishes off with a blow dry to give a fuller, shinier coat.

Quick 15-Minute Makeover At £15

After giving your pet the quick bath, give it a makeover so that it could stand out in any pet parties you and your paw friend go to. From brushing to de-matting to finishing off with a spritz, your pet will surely get the glamour and glow that would turn heads, including their fellow paw friends.

Colour Enhancing, Whitening, And Pawdicure From £15

If your pet pooch needs a little brighter or duller coat colour, you can give it some of our professional colour enhancing treatments. After some makeover, you can get your pet some pawdicure to give it the full glamour worthy of a funfair.

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