Today, we have added new members to our grooming team. They have just finished our grooming assistant course and they are ready to bring fun and excitement to your paw friends during your visit to our shop. They come from many different backgrounds, gardening, home decor, and business. If you are one of our patrons, you will notice new faces to our team – that’s them.

They have just come out from our courses and they will be continuing their training with us until they become the best grooming professionals they can be. They could be a bit slow but give them time.

Surely, they will be up to your expectations in providing the signature Roxied customer service. Give them a wave and a hello and treat them like they’ve been long in this industry.

We are happy to have them on board and we will continue to search on for more grooming assistants and professionals to join the team. We all need every help to make the world a happy place for all our pets.

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