Having your own canine companion can be exciting and fun; however, some pet owners are not making it a big deal to take care of odor control for their furry friends litter. Providing them with their basic needs such as food and shelter is not enough; a responsible owner should also provide proper pet hygiene. Grooming and hygiene for your pets can be a tough job for most pet owners, but the basics can be learned. Most pet owners do the hygiene task on their own, and the tendency to commit mistakes is high. Here are common pet hygiene mistakes many pet owners make and tips on how to avoid them:

Lack of training. Giving your dog the proper hygiene is challenging, so it is a two-way process. Training your pet to be groomed should start earlier in life. To avoid injury and anxiety, train your pet to get used to being touch and feel comfortable around noisy grooming equipment. Training your pet to feel relax during bath time can be stressful, so be patient and be generous with praise and rewards.

No Veterinary Care. The line “Prevention is better than cure” is still true especially when taking care of your pets. Sometimes, pet owners neglect proper veterinary care. Usually, owners will only take their pets to vets when they sense that something is not right. This common mistake should be dealt with. Still, the prevention of illness in pets can be done by having a regular schedule for veterinary care.

Allowing pets to get overweight. Pet owners are unaware of the fact that their pets are getting overweight or obese. Some may overfeed their pets during mealtime or give too many treats that lead to poor health or serious health risks such as respiratory disorders, cancer, and many more. You can avoid this common mistake by providing your pet low-carb fresh foods in the right portions. Also, allocate 20 minutes of your time for an exercise with your pet.

Neglecting your pet’s teeth and nails. Bad oral health may lead to serious health issues such as heart disease and diabetes aside from bad breath. Even a fresh food diet can’t guarantee good oral hygiene. Regular brushing should be done to lessen dental health issues. You can also ask the help of a professional to take care of your pet’s dental hygiene. In addition, pet’s nails also need proper care to prevent injury due to long nails. Trimming your pet’s nails should be carefully done.

Not cleaning pet’s ears. Just as human beings, proper hygiene routine includes cleaning your ears and so should your pets. Once you’re done bathing your pet, check its ears for dirt and gunk. Neglecting this part of the proper pet hygiene may lead to earwax build up and painful ears. If you are certain that there is nothing wrong with its ears, clean them by using ear cleaners or by using cotton balls. Massage your pet’s ear before and after cleaning to avoid restlessness.

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