Christmas indeed is a time of giving. It’s one of those times in a year when people are very amicable to shopping, promotions, and discounts. What’s more is that they don’t only spend money on gifts for other people, even pets get special treatment during this time – yes, even more special than what they already get on a regular basis. That is why it’s a good time for pet groomers to encourage pet owners to visit their shops, and one of the most effective and easiest ways to reach them is by sending two factor SMS campaign.

What to put in the SMS?

Special Offers

Of course, nothing beats special offers. Giving special offers has been one of the most used methods by businesses of any kind to get attention from their customers. While it’s very commonly used, that doesn’t make it any less effective. Join in by sending your clients special offers for their pets that they surely can’t resist. Be creative.

Give Loyalty Awards

Loyalty should always be rewarded and the same goes for businesses with loyal customers. This would encourage them to keep coming back to your shop. You can send them an SMS greeting saying, for example, that they are very close to reaching a certain number of visits to your shop which will earn them- the pet and the owner – a special Christmas gift.

Holiday Business Hours Reminder

Businesses usually have a different schedule on holidays, and because Christmas is one of the biggest holidays, if not the biggest, many clients are unsure of their favorite pet shop’s business hours and opt to visit the shops after the holidays instead.  That is why sending them an SMS with your holiday business hours and other offers is a good idea. It will allow your clients to remember you and squeeze you in their schedules more easily.

Products as Gifts

Many people stress over what gifts to give their family and friends on Christmas. So, send them a message of the list of your available products, posing them as ideal Christmas gifts, especially to the ones who are head over heels in love with their pets. You can do this to boost your shop’s reputation and sales all while helping your clients with their Christmas gift idea dilemmas.

Recommendation Incentives

Building a network means encouraging your connections to build more connections and those connections to build more and so on. This is one great strategy to ensure the popularity of your shop and boost your sales and revenue. Send SMS to your clients with all your offers and a suggestion of them recommending you to their friends that, of course, comes with incentives for them too.

Other things that you can do are send booking confirmations and reminders through SMS. This way, you will be able to get your customers’ attention right away. Just make sure that all the messages you send are with holiday greetings, personal greeting if possible, to make them feel more valued and appreciated. After all, it’s Christmas.

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