Have you noticed any heartworm in your dogs? Are you aware of how heartworms can affect your best friend? Well, find out about heartworm medications for dogs on this page.

What is a Heartworm?

If you know a roundworm, you would most likely have an idea of what a heartworm is. Basically, both are worms that can hide and make your dog’s life miserable. Heartworms are parasitic ones that can prevent your pet from having fun by pestering him from the insides. The good news is that this can be prevented.

For you to prevent heartworms from infecting your best friend, it would be practical to know how they can come into contact with your dog. As studies have found out, heartworms can enter into your dog’s life through a bite of an infected mosquito.

Apparently, what happens is that when this parasite is already in your dog’s system, it can grow there until such time that it would mature and cause discomfort to your pet. They can reach your dog’s heart, lungs and even blood vessels. And yes, by the sound of it, this is pretty dangerous to ever have for your pet.

When left untreated with this parasite, your dog may suffer major complications that would even result to death. You definitely would not want that to ever happen.

Heartworm Medications for Dogs

Now that you are inclined to know how to prevent and even treat ysour dogs from heartworm, it would be important that you give your full attention to what comes next.


There are different protocols for heartworm medications for dogs. Depending on what best fits the case with your dog, your trusted veterinarian would know what to do. If the heartworm in your dog has already matured, then the vet would have to inject several medications in order to kill this adult parasite. This way, it would not have the chance to grow longer and pester your dog more.

Apparently, these injections may give your pet the unwanted side effects. Thus, the vet may also have your dog take med orally in order to decrease his chances of getting unwanted side effects. It can also be that the parasite in your dog is somewhat still juvenile. Your vet can give meds that could kill the young heartworms in order to eradicate it from your dog’s body as soon as possible.


There are cases wherein the heartworm may have reached your dog’s vital organs like the heart and lungs. In this case, the vet would recommend that your dog undergo surgery as called for in the scenario.

Exercise Restriction

Since exercise restriction is required before, during, and after treatment, you need to follow up on the activities of your pet. This would mean that you take extra effort to be with him during walks and leisure time in order to manage his activities.

Apparently, heartworm medications for dogs need due diligence on the part of its owner. So, you should take the responsibility of having your dogs checked by the vet in order to keep him safe and sound. This would be awesome also for you to have more moments together – safe, healthy, and free from heartworms.

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