Your best cat tree for large cats is your cat’s own mini home. As a pet owner, you can show your love to your cat by regularly cleaning it. However, cat trees are not as easy as simply brushing or washing them. Most of them are made of special materials that would make your cat comfortable, more inclined to use them, and even use them as a scratch pole.

The most common problems any cat owners face when cleaning the cat tree are the balls of hair that got stuck on the fabric or some of it getting matted on the carpet surface. Especially for those who have not cleaned their cat tree for some time, you would usually encounter these problems.

Fortunately, cleaning a cat tree isn’t as hard as it might seem. Here are tips you can follow:

Start by Brushing the Cat Tree

This method is for easy or regular cleaning. You can do it by using any regular brush. Begin scrubbing the surface gently. Don’t forget to include the sides, base, and even the scratching post. After brushing, comb the brush bristles to remove the hairs stuck on it. Make sure you have brushed all parts before moving on to vacuuming it.

Use a Vacuum

While you have removed cat hair, hairballs, and other things that got stuck on it, dust and other smaller particles can still remain in the surfaces of the cat tree. For that, you want to use a vacuum on all carpeted surfaces, including the cat house, if there is one.

If you are having trouble removing some of the hair or have not cleaned it for a long time, you can use a shedding brush to remove them. Usually, hairballs stick harder when they have stayed on the surface for a long time. Therefore, you want to grab some shedding brush and move it around the surfaces just like brushing it.

If you have not really cleaned it for a longer period of time or a stingy smell starts wafting on the cat tree, this is the best time to wash it with dish soap mixed with warm water.

Start by spraying some odor remover and wiping it with a paper towel afterward. Scrub the surfaces with a sponge dipped in the dish soap mixture. Spray it with hydrogen peroxide to totally remove the smell. Lastly, rinse it with running water and leave it to dry.

If you are not washing the cat tree, you can finish this with a little Lysol or carpet cleaner to give it a clean look and smell.


This should give your cat a happier home to enjoy his lounges throughout the day. Also, this should also protect your pet and the whole family from bacteria and allergic reactions. Maintaining a cleaner cat tree would make you pet cat enjoy playing, sleeping, or staying in the tree for longer periods of time.

With the tips we mentioned above, you can always ensure a clean tree and a happy pet.

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