From the moment you owned a dog, your goal since day 1 will be: don’t have a lost pet. To be able to achieve that, you’ll plan to give him his own space. Here are your choices: a cage, a physical dog fencing, and an electric dog fence.

Cages are one of the most common pet enclosures used. Using a cage for your pet is good but quite disadvantageous due to its vague design that may not complement your own space and most of them get rusty and damaged through time. Physical fences, on the other hand, is good and it might restrain your pet from wandering around and it will also restrain other intruders. Physical fences may be costly though. It requires maintenance and repairs regularly.

As per the last choice, electric dog fences—which have been quite a trend for the past few years—has the newest high technology pet restraining system as per today. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of how electric dog fences work.


Smart Design

Electric dog fences differ from physical fences since it is invisible. The system wires are buried underground; this system is connected to the collar which will be attached to the dog. Once the dog tries to wander off the restricted area, the dog will receive a mild electric shock which can help restrain them. If you’re worried about the electric shock, don’t be. It is actually advisable to give your pets disciplinary action if you want them trained.

You will not have to worry anymore about the design and color schemes. It also gives you the ease of pet space flexibility. The system will depend on how large do you want the space to be, how many pets will be in there and how big your pets are.

Less Hassle

When compared to physical fences, electric dog fences are much more advantageous in that it will not be under zoning laws as well as inspection codes. These electric dog fences aren’t physically visible so it will give you the ease of providing them space without compromising other people’s property.

No Maintenance Expense

Once installed, the electric dog fence won’t be needing maintenance and regular go-through. These systems are also on a one-time payment basis so you wouldn’t need to think about monthly dues and interests. Electric dog fences are all on warranty and you may contact your provider for repairs and upgrades.


Not Fool-proof

Even with the electric shock, your pets may receive, they may still wander off and learn techniques on how to get out. Some pets may also end up being immune to the shock through time.

Only for pets

While the physical fence may restrain human intruders, electric dog fences don’t. This may lead to the stealing of pets and other worse cases.

For electric dog fences’ reviews and customer feedback, they advise small dog breeders to have this type of pet restraint. This fence will be applicable and much more effective to use for puppies and small dogs than for the bigger ones.

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