CBD for dogs is a hot topic that’s making rounds in the pet world nowadays. Buying and trying CBD provide a lot of health benefits for dogs and is capable of treating a number of conditions commonly found among dogs. If you’re a dog owner who’s not 100% convinced with this statement, then here are 5 of the most common conditions among dogs which can be alleviated by CBD:


CBD products such as CBD oil can actually help reduce the symptoms of cancer and tumors. Aside from that, it can also alleviate vomiting and nausea which are common side effects dogs experience after cancer treatment.

Though it’s technically not a cure for cancer, certain studies revealed that CBD can actually help slow down tumor growth. There’s also another study stating that CBD instigate cancer cells to become more sensitive to treatment.


Obesity is common among dogs as it is among humans. As they start gaining excess weight, they become more prone to health issues including heart conditions, cancer, diabetes, and more.

Fortunately, CBD can actually offer excellent treatment for this. However, it’s not to be taken as a fat-burning supplement for your furry friends. According to research, CBD is helpful in promoting appetite control and weight loss among dogs. It’s also been shown to help break down fat indirectly.

CBD could also prompt your dog to move around. Since it has anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, it can help overweight dogs become more active by relieving them of their joint pains.

Pain and Inflammation

Inflammation and pain relief is the most well-known benefit offered by CBD for dogs. According to studies, CBD can suppress and interrupt pain signals in a dog’s brain, thereby relieving both chronic and acute pain.

It’s also been discovered that it’s also capable of reducing inflammation which is the main cause of pain in the first place.

Stress and Anxiety

Dogs could suffer from stress and anxiety through a number of reasons including fireworks, crowded areas, and more. However, CBD has been found out to produce anti-anxiety effects among dogs. Though there are still facts that need confirming, researchers believe that the increase in serotonin levels brought on by CBD is the reason for this.

Skin Conditions

If your dog’s suffering from skin conditions such as allergies, dermatitis, and the like, then you’d be glad that CBD for dogs can be a great help.

There are studies that conclude that CBD can actually help relieve dry and itchy skin among dogs. Apart from that, researchers found out that it can promote the growth of healthy skin. Due to this, they believe that CBD can be a major ingredient in skin medications in the near future.


The best thing about CBD products – such as CBD oil for dogs – is that they are well-tolerated, thereby giving you a long-term treatment option for your dog’s health conditions. Moreover, such products are widely available in various other forms such as sprays and balms.

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