Dogs can become part of the family, see here if it is only natural that their masters want to give them the best things: a place to stay, food and drinks, and even indoor dog fences to ensure their safety. With the number of pet shops in every place, it can be hard to choose which items would be the best for your pet buddy.  So, to help alleviate the pressure, here are the best indoor gates for your dog:

1. Richell Convertible Elite Pet Gate

The first one on the list is a very convenient gate as it allows you to put it anywhere in the house. Richell Convertible Elite Pet Gate can be turned in numerous shapes and structures. Environmentalists will also love this because it’s made of eco-friendly rubberwood. Another advantage is that it can serve both as a gate and pet-pen.

The disadvantage is that it’s quite expensive, but the convenience and quality make it worth the price.

2. Richell Pet Sitter Gate

This wood and metal gate is pretty convenient. It features a small gate that can easily be opened and closed for your dog to pass through. It’s not as advanced as the first one on the list, but it’s durable, and it serves its purpose.

It should be noted that this pet gate is not exactly for bigger pets. It’s not high and strong enough to keep bigger dogs in.

3. Richell Deluxe Large Freestanding Pet Gate

Richell is really taking the pet equipment market by storm with its wide variety of products. This particular one is a popular choice among pet owners. It’s an adjustable gate, fitting from standard to wide hallways. Moreover, it’s very easy to assemble. The only disadvantage is, because of its durability and design, it’s not the cheapest indoor gate you will see in the market.

4.  Carlson Extra-Wide Dog Gate

If you have more than one kind of pet, say cats, this particular indoor pet gate is the perfect choice for you. It’s a wide expandable pet gate with a smaller inner gate that allows smaller pets like cats to pass through while making sure that your bigger dogs stay on the other side.

5. Regalo Super Wide Gate

From the name, you can guess what the main advantage of this gate is. If you live in an enormous house, the right indoor gates can be hard to come by. However, with this gate, keeping your dogs in, despite living in a gigantic house with super-wide hallways, is made possible. The disadvantage, though, is that it can be hard to set up.

6. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

People may be shocked to find out that this gate is not originally for pets; it’s for babies. However, it’s a good buy because first and foremost, it’s economical. It’s not as expensive as the gates specially made for dogs, but it’s sturdy enough to serve as their gate. Also, this gate allows your pet to see the other side, making him feel less anxious about being stuck on one side.

7. North State Wire Mesh Gate

This gate is not the most stylish among the dog fences, but it gets the job done. Also, among the indoor gates on the list, this may be the cheapest.


All these indoor gates have something unique to offer, so it would be wise to really consider which one has features that suit your dog’s needs and your house.

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