It had been ages since dogs became called “man’s best friend” and with good reason. Dogs are loving and caring animals that we humans have a strong connection to. You can click here to know that they bring us joy and also understand our feelings and comfort us whenever we are down. So, it is only right to give them the best nutrition possible.

With the appearance of ready-to-eat dog foods, most owners prefer these kinds of foods for the reason that, pet owners would not need to cook any kind of meal for their dogs. Dogs deserve to be fed with the right food according to their age and breed. So as responsible dog owners, we must find ways to fulfill their nutrition completely. One of these ways is by feeding dogs with people’s food.

Nutrients found in food have similar effects to both humans and dogs. Feeding them with scraps of lasagna, junk or any unhealthy food can cause harm to their body. So, owners must make sure to maintain a healthy set of diets for their dogs. So how can we start feeding dogs with human food?

Take it slow

Same to us humans, the dogs’ digestive system can be disturbed when you suddenly switch them from one kind of food to another (dog food to human food). For instance, if you have fed your dog with dog food then suddenly adding a slice of raw steak in it, it would surely make their stomach upset.

You should start by adding toppings to their usual dog food with small meat to prevent any adverse effects on their digestion. The only way to do this is by doing it yourself. We love our dogs so that we must take great interest as to what goes to their dog bowls. Many owners have stated positive feedbacks by going slow in switching from dog foods to people foods.

Add fruit and vegetables to their diet

Even if the meat is a great food to maintain a healthy canine, adding vegetables to their diet is equally important. So we must also feed them with fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of fiber and vitamins which aids in digestion and prevents constipation.

Avoid feeding them with junk foods

Same as humans, dogs also love eating junk foods. Junk foods do not only comprise with chips that we can buy in groceries but it also includes fast food and processed foods. Dog owners must avoid feeding them with these since prolonged exposure to the preservatives present in these foods will not only cause obesity but also a weak and sickly dog.

Consult with experts

To make sure that you are feeding the right thing, you must always consult with your local veterinarian and pay attention to their advice. Some might even offer some recipes that you can use depending on the breed of the dog you own.  Veterinary experts have the knowledge on what food to feed your dogs to maintain a healthy lifestyle to your dogs.

Feeding dogs with foods that lack nutrition may have worse effects than you can imagine. Following these simple tips can help avoid any bad events that might happen to your dogs in the near future.

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