CBD is commonly being used to treat symptoms of various ailments in humans. Research from thecannabisradar and pet parents have shown that cannabis has some positive benefits in dogs. CBD can be used to treat anxiety, cancer, and seizure in dogs. Here is what a pet parent needs to know about CBD oil in dogs.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is derived from a cannabis plant which is either hemp or marijuana. CBD is extracted from a cannabis plant through CO2 extraction, the solvent extraction method or CBD infused oil method. Cannabis plants usually contain glands which are separated from the plant to form the cannabinoids. The marijuana plant is said to contain 80 different cannabinoids which include THC and CBD. Cannabinoids are more effective when used together than separately. Hemp should contain 0.3 percent of THC or less. According to the medical director of Montclair Veterinary Hospital in oak land, California, CBD oil does not have a psychoactive effect on dogs, if given in appropriate doses.

Benefits of CBD oils in Dogs

CBD oil can be used to treat nausea, stress, seizure, back pain, anxiety, and many other conditions in dogs.

CBD also provides relief as cannabinoids interact with endocannabinoid systems found in dogs’ body systems to modulate nausea, pain and anxiety.

Unlike other medicines meant for dogs, Cannabis has no adverse side effects if a proper dose is given. Thus, it does not damage the GI tract, liver or kidney.

Risks of CBD oil in pets

Just like the usual medication, overdosing a pet can lead to potential risks in your cherished animal. The most potential risk is THC toxicity. This depends on how the pet has overdosed. The effect of THC toxicity can be long-lasting on a pet and may not be able to stand or eat for a few days. If you suspect that your dog has currently overdosed with CBD oil, you need to consult a veterinarian immediately. However, life-threatening risks on dogs are usually rare. Toxicity is experienced in dogs if it eats raisins, chocolate, or coffee. However, pet parents need to note that CBD oil does treat any specific disease.

How is cannabis administered in dogs?

Cannabis is administered orally in dogs. It can be used along with other traditional treatments and medications. Research has shown that there are multiple benefits when using CBD, along with other traditional medications. For the treatment to be a success, medicine needs to be administered correctly. Thus, if CBD is administered correctly, it will have positive effects without psychoactive side effects on dogs. However, the correct dosage that needs to be administered in dogs is yet to be determined. Thus, pet parents need to consult veterinarians who have experience in treating dogs using CBD oil to determine the correct dosage for a dog.

Where can pet owners get CBD oil for their dogs?

Getting CBD oil depends on where you live and whether your state has legalized marijuana. For example, in California, to purchase marijuana, you must have a medical cannabis card which you must get from a doctor. Thus, if a pet parent wants to give his dog CBD oil, he should seek advice from a veterinarian. Pet parents that have medical marijuana cards can visit any dispensary and get a product that meets the need of their pets.


There have been researches that have shown the positive effects of CBD oil on our furry friends. However, we should also take note that an overdosed of this controversial oil may cause harm to our beloved pets. Thus, it is a must to consult first the veterinarian before giving CBD oil to your four-legged friend.

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