Maintaining the utmost safety with guns and gun accessories are essential. Dr. Michael Moss, who works as a vet at Central Pennsylvania Veterinary Emergency Treatment Services, said everyone must treat their firearms with respect. You can view at the same fact.

In taking care of pets, toying with guns can create a devastating accident on them. It’s never right to point it at them, not even jokingly doing it. Like keeping dangerous weapons away from kids, it’s imperative to stash them in unreachable areas or keep them away from anyone or anything. So, here are several gun safety tips and how these can protect your pets from danger:

Always Exercise Restraint While Holding a Gun.

Especially on a hunting trip, never fire your weapon where your pet dog is. You may not control your pets’ behavior, but they don’t mean you won’t shoot them accidentally. If you’re going out on a trip with a pet, have them wear bright-colored vests for easy spotting.

Never Leave Your Gun Unkept or at Reachable Areas for Pets

It’s also best to unload them and separate the barrel and its magazine. Store them in different compartments and stash them as high as you can get.

Pet cats may reach them, but they won’t pose any danger as long as they’re inside their compartments. Don’t place them in tabletops where they can knock it down and discharge accidentally. As long as you stash them safely and unreachable to pets, they won’t pose any harm to them.

Clean Your Firearms in Safe Areas and Unload Them

There are times you need to clean your gun barrel to remove dirt and grime. However, leaving a gun on the tabletop while cleaning can pose a severe threat to your pets. They might play on it or knock it down to cause an accidental discharge.

Never Leave the Area Where you Cleaned Your Gun Without Cleaning

Cleaning agents used to wipe gun barrels or calibrate magazines that can poison them. Some pets like to chew on things, and a newly-wiped gun barrel or muzzle can have traces of cleaning agents. They will lick on these parts and intoxicate their digestive tracts.

Worst, uncleaned tabletops where you wiped your gun can get your pets licking on them and get them sick or die. So, it is crucial never to leave a cleaned gun on the table unattended. Also, wipe all cleaning residues and throw the wiping rags away from them. Better yet, wash your firearms in places where your pet has no access.

Final Words

Never toy with your gun on your pets. It may sound exciting to use an unloaded handgun when training them to play dead. Yet they may think of it as a toy rather than a real weapon.

Pets are not like us, who knows danger very well. It’s best to train them about your firearms as a destructive and dangerous object. That will also help them distinguish imminent threats when they see a gun or any firing weapon.

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