Siberian Huskies are becoming very popular with people looking for a dog. As mentioned by the husky experts, Siberian huskies have short hair, grooming them can seem daunting. This breed does require quite a bit of grooming because it has a double coat. They usually shed their undercoats twice a year, during the spring and fall season.

Nonetheless, they are relatively low-maintenance dogs and a little grooming will do. This enables them to have an efficient heating and cooling system.

Here are some grooming tips for Siberian Huskies.

  1. Brushing your Husky

Siberian Huskies have a double coat of fur. The topcoat guards the Husky against the elements and helps keep it dry. The undercoat is softer and is more like an insulator. The undercoat keeps your Husky warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Once or twice a year, a Husky will shed this undercoat. However, Huskies keep shedding fur from the undercoat in small amounts all through the year. Therefore, it is essential to brush your Husky regularly.

It is advisable to start grooming and brushing your husky from a young age. Ideally, you should groom and brush your Husky twice a week. You may need to change that to daily brushing when the climate changes and your dog start shedding its undercoat. Besides, brushing your Husky regularly helps to remove any clumps and knots in the fur.

  1. Bathing your Husky

Normally you should not bathe your Husky too often as this will dry its skin. However, if your dog has been in the mud or a wet puddle, or is giving that doggy smell caused by oils produced in the body, you may want to bathe him.

Just like brushing, it is recommendable to make bathing a habit from when your pup is young pup so that they can get used to it. Preferably, brush your dog before bathing to get rid of any clumps or knots. It is easier to brush your Husky when the coat is dry.

Make sure to have enough warm water handy so that you can wet the coat properly. Try not to get water in your dog’s eyes or ears. Once the coat is properly wet, apply the dog shampoo using a circular motion. Make sure you do not exert too much pressure or hurt your dog.

Once you have applied shampoo all over, gently rinse it off completely. Then ensure you have enough towels to dry off your Husky. Make sure they are dry so that they do not get dirty if they sit on a dirty spot immediately. Lastly, brush your Husky after bathing to keep him looking fluffy and shiny.

  1. Nutrition

If your Husky has a dry dull coat or is shedding a lot, it could be a sign that he is stressed or that their diet does not have the right nutrition. Make sure your Husky gets enough Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to keep the coat shiny and healthy. A dull coat may also mean you are bathing your dog too much, so be aware of this as well.


Except for regular brushing of their coats, Siberian Huskies are comparatively low-maintenance dogs. However, you do need to ensure good nutrition, plenty of exercise, and bathing when needed to ensure that your Husky is happy.

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