I’ve started this pet boutique with the love that I have for my three beautiful furry angels. I have them ever since I moved into my own place and have taken good care of my paw friends. They were family to me. Through them, I was able to conceive the idea of starting my own pet boutique where I can give the same treatment I regularly give to my dogs and cat and show the world that there is no such thing as a bad dog or cat when you treat them with love and affection.

Thus, Roxied Pet Boutique was born out of my love and passion for animals. The shop started with a few grooming assistants who have been sent off to training and became grooming professionals who have been excellent in providing outstanding animal care and grooming that brings out the beauty in all your pet dogs, whatever their breeds may be.

The shop continues to expand while we have added more services aside from our pet grooming and cleaning. As of today, we have set up our very own pet day care centre, which is the best place for your pet dogs to enjoy with the rest of his or her paw friends while you are away doing other important personal tasks.

We have also trained some of our grooming professionals to animal health and wellness in order to give all our clients holistic and centralized care so that they do not have to go to separate pet clinics just to get a regular flea treatment.

Right now, we are starting to build our shops in the busy London metropolis so we that could be nearer to all types of pet owners. We are all dedicated to accessible pet care and comfort and we aim to give all of our beloved pets the best care they can get from us.