Is your dog feeling a bit restless after long hours of staying in one place at home? Is he or she being too feisty?

Roxied Pet Boutique offers pet day care where we take good care of your pets while you do your daily chores. We offer our day care rooms and services so that your dog still feels at home and gets all the attention he or she needs.

Roxied Pet Boutique’s Day Care offers a lot of amenities your furry friend will surely enjoy along with other dogs that can become his or her good paw friends too. Our special day care team is specially trained to become your dog’s best friend too while you are away.

We have a really spacious day care room full of dog toys, treats, and platforms that will surely make your dog enjoy his or her stay with us. We even allow your dogs to roam around our gardens so that he or she can have more space to explore and enjoy with the rest of his or her paw friends.

We also offer a complimentary half-day trial for your dog to test the day care if it suits his or her likings. Our day care team also offers a wide selection of dog food and treats that is also customizable for your dog’s special dietary needs.

However, we can also accept your dog’s packed lunch so that he or she can enjoy what you have specially prepared for him or her. We do not require our clients to sign up, but we recommend that you call us in advance so that we can regulate the number of dogs that will use our day care rooms.

Roxied Pet Boutique is exhilarated to see your paw friends soon for a day of fun and play while you do the rest of your day.

For inquiries and advance notice, you can give us a call through our Contact Us page.