Roxied’s Pet Boutique doesn’t just offer special care for your furry friend’s needs. We can also train you to become the best human for your dogs and other pets. We offer two special courses specially designed for the household.

Roxied Grooming Assistant Course – £2,200 10-Day Course

This course is offered to anyone who wishes to become one of our grooming specialists. This is the beginner course for those who want to start a career in the pet grooming industry and involves beginner to intermediate courses like correct handling of a dog, basic first aid, ear and teeth hygiene, bathing and drying, de-matting, fluff drying, breed-specific dog grooming and styling, maintenance of salon equipment, and outstanding customer service and client relations.

They are also trained on how to carry out health checks before doing any grooming service or health-related service for our client’s pet dogs.

This course is given through the mentoring skills of our owner and topnotch pet grooming professionals who will supervise you all throughout the lessons, including the internship stages. A certification will be provided in this course and successful course passers will be endorsed to regular employment to Roxied Pet Boutique.

The ten-day course will begin from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM, with all courses outlined strategically within the course period to better guide aspiring grooming assistants in grasping more of the skills intended for pet grooming.

Roxied Groomer Professional Course – £3,500 20-Day Course

If you really believe that you have what it takes to become one of the best grooming professionals at Roxied Pet Boutique, this course can be for you. An extensive twenty-day program exposes our grooming assistants and aspirants to more extensive knowledge on pet grooming, specifically with breed-specific pet grooming, cleaning, and health checks.

All courses taken during the grooming assistant program will be tackled in this course outline but with the added courses that would enhance you further in becoming one of the topnotch pet grooming professionals you could ever be.

This course includes scissoring, clipping and styling for various dog breeds, especially those that require special grooming care and attention. Hand stripping, spa treatment and other special skills would also be taught in this course outline with more days to learn all these.

After the course, there will be a certification that would indicate the completion of this course as well as a portfolio that you can bring home and give you more credentials when it comes to pet care.